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Whether you choose a Garden Setting, our Interior Salons or The Odyssey Ballroom, the venue has the ability to host 50 to 1500 Guests.


With five different locations within the venue, you can craft the ideal ambiance to host every element of the event.


This beautiful outdoor space, shaded by the boughs of four ancient black walnut trees, can be adapted to make your event perfect for three glorious seasons.  Veranda can serve 170 seated or host hundreds for cocktails.

Various tent configurations allow for unlimited possibilities.

SEATED: 50- 500 guests

STANDING: 900 guests


A beautiful, versatile room; ready to take on your Odyssey vision. Adjacent to the commercial kitchen, the Ballroom is home to the fully equipped Bar and works perfectly for dining and dancing. 

Your party can spill onto The Wilde Garden and veranda for a unique event flow.

SEATED: 150 guests

STANDING: 250 guests


Imagine your dinner party in this room with a pianist in the background. The bay window overlooking the garden makes an exquisite altar for a small wedding ceremony. 


Perfect for small gatherings, cocktails, or intimate dinner parties.​ 

SEATED: 36 guests

STANDING: 60 guests


The photographer's favorite, this salon-type space is the perfect amount of cozy and elegant for many occasions.  The exposed brick feature explores the original 1863 masonry and framing.

SEATED: 20 guests

STANDING: 40 guests


Sophisticated, modern, and classic at the same time. Perfect for meetings or small receptions. ​

SEATED: 12 guests

STANDING: 24 guests

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