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Father, Dad, Pops. No matter what we call them, it's the same all around. Dad's are our role models, our champions, our rocks and biggest supporters. Every dad is different, and we have come up with a list of great ideas on how to give Dad the best Father's day yet.

For the BBQ Dad

My dad is definitely a BBQ dad. So when Father's Day rolls around, we make sure we have all the fixings for a barbecue feast. Go to your local grocery or butcher and get some of Dad's favourites. Getting the family all gathered around in our backyard, listening to Dad tell us all kinds of stories as he grills up a storm, is one of our favourite ways to celebrate him. Kick it up a notch and serve Dad a refreshing pint of his favourite brewski. But don't stop there - plan a whole craft beer tasting with an assortment of ales, lagers and IPAs from local breweries. Dad is sure to love this, especially if he finds a new summer drinking favourite!

Want to give Dad an awesome dinner, but not sure what to do? No problem. Here is my annual Father's Day Dinner Menu:

  • Striploin steaks

  • Skewered garlic shrimp (tails removed)

  • Asparagus (tinfoil wrapped in olive oil, salt and pepper)

  • Homemade Greek Pasta Salad and Homemade Broccoli Salad

For the Manhattan Dad

Not every Dad is a beer drinker, and even the Dad's who do enjoy a cold one will still enjoy this Specialty Box from our Shop. For Father's Day we created a box that takes a regular Manhattan to the next level. The "Jack Manhattan" Father's Day Specialty Box is sure to be a huge hit with Dad. Complete with Jack Daniels (750mL) Single Barrel Select – Tennessee Whiskey, Dolin (750mL) Vermouth - France, Kinsip – House Bitters – Prince Edward County, a Fresh Whole Orange for garnish & zest and a $5.00 gift certificate for Kinsip Whisky Barrel Aged Maple Syrup, this box takes the regular Manhattan and makes it one that Dad will never forget.

For the Outdoorsy Dad

Lots of Dads like to spend time outside, whether they are playing with their kids or hanging out at the pool, playing lawn games or just relaxing by a fire. So why not spend the day outdoors? Trails are open, so go biking or take a walk in the woods. I know personally that my little ones wouldn't be able to last too long on the trails, so a great outdoor alternative is going to a wide open space and going kite-flying. Pack a picnic lunch, bring lots of water, and enjoy some good old fashioned outdoor fun. Finish off the day with a campfire (check to make sure there aren't any fire bans first!) and the best campfire snack - S'MORES! For the best s'mores, order our S'mores & More Sweet Treats Specialty Box. Dad will be sure to enjoy these delicious eats.

For the Movie Loving Dad

This option is great not only for Dad's that love movies, but as a great way to end the day or even as a back-up plan if the weather doesn't cooperate for all the outdoor activities that you might have planned. If this is your main plan though, this is a great way to watch Dad's favourite movies. Compile a list of films that are his favourites, or watch his favourite movie series from start to finish. Depending on how many movies are in the series, you want to make sure everyone is comfy and there are plenty of snacks and refreshments. Popcorn, candy, veggie plates, and our S'mores & More Sweet Treat Box are just a few suggestions to great movie snackage. Here's a cool twist to a regular movie night - if the weather is good, take a white sheet and hang it up on a clothes line or against the garage or deck, borrow or buy a projector, grab lots of blankets, maybe even get a fire going to keep warm (and keep the bugs away), and enjoy a backyard outdoor movie night.

For the Sporty Dad

Dad is always your number one fan at any sporting event you play in, any dance recital you perform in, or any activity that you compete it. Father's Day comes at a great time of year - the sun is out, the days are warm, and we can spend the whole day outside! What better way of bringing everyone together for Dad's day than hosting a lawn game tournament! Ladder Toss, Bocce Ball, and Bean Bag Toss are a few great lawn games that you can find easily online. Take it to the next level by adding in a few other games and getting into teams - spend the afternoon in some friendly competition. Whichever team wins gets to soak the other team with the hose! (So really, who WOULDN'T want to lose?)

There are so many great ways to celebrate Dad, we would need a much longer blog to cover them all. Instead, we have put together this quick ideas list so that if any of our other suggestions don't strike your fancy, you might find one here:

  • Create a time capsule

  • Plan a Family Board Game Night

  • Build something together

  • Interview him and create a memoire full of his stories

  • Cook his favourite meal with him

  • Set up a family photo

  • Get out on the water

  • Go fishing or golfing

  • Go camping in the backyard

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